LERenováveis (in English READ Renewables) is an online database of simple, universal and free access, that gathers renewable energy publications about Portuguese-speaking countries and regions where they belong.

This was an initiative of ALER – Lusophone Renewable Energy Association which AMER – Mozambican Renewable Energy Association joined and recently MWE- Mozambique Women of Energy, it is expected that other partners will join in the future.

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Powering Jobs Census 2022: The Energy Access Workforce
Author(s): Power for All
Published in: September 2022
Benchmarking Africa's Minigrids Report
Author(s): AMDA
Published in: September 2022
Cornestone of Rural Electrification
Author(s): ARE; IRENA; ICA; SEforAll; UNEP; UNIDO
Published in: September 2022
Accelerating Renewables to Achieve Energy Security, Affordability and Climate Action
Author(s): GWEC
Published in: July 2022
Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2021
Author(s): IRENA
Published in: July 2022
Lei da Electricidade n.º12/2022
Author(s): República de Moçambique
Published in: July 2022