LERenováveis ​​will work with a logic of collaborative participation, in which the entire community can contribute to its growth and quality. This was an initiative of ALER - Lusophone Association of Renewable Energies, which AMER - Mozambican Renewable Energy Association joined and it’s expected that other partners will join in the future.

LERenováveis ​​intends to provide a public service for the dissemination of information and to improve knowledge about the renewable energy sector in the countries where it operates, through the compilation and dissemination of information promoting technical cooperation, information sharing, on the basis of collaboration between ALER and national associations for the promotion of RE in Portuguese-speaking countries.

AMER - Mozambican Renewable Energy Association is a non-profit association whose mission is to promote renewable energies in Mozambique. ALER's partner since the moment of its creation in 2017 joins this initiative with the aim of promoting the collection, processing and dissemination of information relevant to the renewable energy sector in Mozambique, thus constituting an added value for its Members.


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